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Snack Time with Eric - Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland is Now Open!!

  • Posted: Jan 27, 2019, 12:59 PM
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Recently, the Insiders visited something new to Disneyland in 2019, the Tropical Hideaway Marketplace... and they loved it!!  Located behind the Enchanted Tiki Room and on the water's edge of the Jungle Cruise ride, the elusive cockatoo, Rosita ("Whatever happened to Rosita? ~ Jose) is your hostess, serving up an exciting mix of treats never before seen at Disneyland.  While enjoying the food, Rosita entertains guests with corny jokes and reminisces about the Hideaway of yesteryear.

Disneyland Food Hack - Avoid the Never Ending Dole Whip Line!

At the top of the treat list - and what everyone is buzzing about - is the introduction of two new Dole Whip flavors - Raspberry and Orange!  Guests can try them individually or get them served "swirl-style" in multiple combinations.  Of course, Pineapple is still available and remains popular!  The Insiders finished off three Dole Whip combos before settling on the Pineapple-Raspberry swirl as their favorite.  

Does this mean no more long lines outside the Enchanged Tiki Room?  That remains to be seen.  For now, Disneyland continues to serve the classic Pineapple flavor at the Tiki Room venue.  Lines are still there, but are definitely shorter, and you may get served even faster by walking next door to Tropical Hideaway!

Disneyland's New Food for 2019

For those with a bigger appetite, Tropical Hideaway is now service delicious bao in two varieties, and just in time for Lunar New Year.  The Spiced Vegetable bao is filled with delicious chick-peas and braised vegetables, while the Bulgogi Beef bao (my favorite) contains sweet chilies and potatoes.  Click on the link to watch Eric's latest Disneyland food taste test as he tries to eat his bao with chopsitcks - it's hysterical!  Keep working on the chopsticks skills, E!!

While this is definitely NOT what to eat at Disneyland on Keto, if noodles are more your style, check out the Chilled Ramen Shaker with fresh noodles, vegetables, and togarashi cashews all mixed with a delicious Asian vinaigrette dressing.  Wow, is this good!!  Or, you can try the Sweet Lumpia - cinammon goodness filled with cream cheese!  What's not to love?!?  Of course, there are a varitey of chips and drinks available for those less adventurous.

Whatever your taste, while we wait for Star Wars Land in 2019, remember there's plenty of new things to find at Disneyland, including the all-new Tropical Hideaway.  When you're wondering where to eat in Disneyland, it is certain there is something here you will love and something you've likely never experienced before.

Don't forget to watch Eric's VLOG - Snack Time - Tropical Hideaway Taste Test episode on the Disneyland Insider's YouTube channel - where he reviews all the latest treats...  and be sure to tell us which item you will be trying on your next visit!

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